Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ethan Brosh - Live The Dream


 Incredible musicianship.

 A guitar players dream.

      Every song on this cd is well composed and chock full of advanced shredding guitar techniques. But Ethan Brosh is more than just a shredder. His compositional skills are abundant as he weaves a clever algebraic tapestry of notes and scales. This is superior songwriting. The initial desire would be to simply slice into a shredtastic orgasm but Ethan tempers all that. He plays with a finesse and skill beyond his years. "Space Invaders" is my favorite track. Just a great song. "Silver Lining" and "Crying Moon" are also faves on this disc. Everyone in the guitar virtuoso line up please take a step to you right and allow Mr. Brosh to slide in. Yes. He is that good.

10/10 Horns up


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