Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beitthemeans - Marble City Secrets Are Off In The Black

Sometimes, you hear an album that completely changes the way you view the art of heavy music.  This album is one of them. 

Beitthemeans (be it the means) has released their third album, Marble City Secrets Are Off In The Black… and it is by far the best album I have heard this year, and actually tops the albums I listened to last year.  This is a game changer for me.  A top 10 album of all time type of deal… and ironically, this is not my usual type of music. 

Pulling from southern rock, blues, metal, indie, atmospheric, and a wide range of other rock-related sub genres, these boys from Alabama have crafted an absolutely perfect piece of musical genius.

It all starts with guitarist/singer Josh Jones.  His brutal, beautiful, and haunting vocals carry the sweet twang of old-school south.  Instead of having his vocals carry across a canvas of equally twangy instrumentation, this powerful trio instead pummels you with a beautiful rhythmic force that is completely unique. 

There just isn’t another band like this out there anywhere. 

Jones is more than just a “pretty” voice.  He is an absolute monster shredder on guitar.  Weaving his way from simple southern chug, to sweeping and immaculately calculated solos, to insane slide-driven atmospheric guitar, Jones seamlessly adds technical elements to every piece they produce.  He’ll switch his styles up multiple times on one song.  This is not just a recording trick… they do it live as well, with no tracking.  He’s an absolute legend in the making. 

This band would not be complete without a superior rhythm section, and luckily for the band, they have that in Casey Wilson (bass) and Nathan Kelly (drums).  Wilson is the perfect complement to Jones.  His powerful bass lines and smooth delivery fills the music and creates a thick and full sound.  This band doesn’t sound like a three piece.  Throw in Kelly’s powerhouse drumming, and you’ve got a combination that is truly special. 

I won’t go through a song-by-song description like I usually do.  Just take it from me… if you’re into heavy music at all… you’ll be constantly surprised and constantly pleased by the sounds that you hear.  

- The Professor


buck09 said...

Holy shit!! I've got to grab this right now. Amazing sounds indeed and based on this review, this will sit very well with what I like. Thank you for digging up the goods.

Anonymous said...

The first 2 albums rock too. Seen them multiple times and they will melt your face.

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