Sunday, June 15, 2014

Superior - Moral Alliance

O.K. I skipped ahead to the live bonus of Superior’s cover of Queensryche’s “Queen Of The Reich”. I figured I could judge this band solely on this song. If they pulled it off then the rest of their songs would have to be killer. I was right. They nailed it!

 Superior is one of those bands that you just have to play loud. Just listen to a track like “Far Away”. You will hear all manner of influences that harkens back to metals golden age. This band is a juggernaut of galloping steel. All the perfect elements are there.

From the searing vocals to the insane guitar mastery, Superior is a full on hurricane of classic Helloween style speed and power metal.

Pick this cd up immediately and slam your car into a higher gear as you rocket forward down the heavy metal highway!

9/10 horns up!


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