Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ripple Library - Joe Satriani, Strange Beautiful Music, A Musical Memoir

Joe Satriani and Jake Brown/BenBella Books

    What a fantastic read this book was. Truly covers everything that helps set Joe Satriani apart from just being a guitarist extraordinaire. This tome covers everything you would want to know about the man, his guitars, and his passions. Formatted in a way that includes his point of view as well as others around him, the book is an intimate look into the soul of one of today's most talented guitarists.

    Insights from Steve Vai, Sammy Hagar, Kirk Hammett and others help to paint a mosaic image of what has driven Joe all along. His passion to create a stunning and multi colored palette of sonic, epic, masterpieces. The Maestro is unveiled as not some fast fingered guitar God but rather a human being, who struggles the same way we all do, but in the end does not allow reality of the world to hamper his creativity.

    The book is an excellent read and I highly recommend it not only to guitar fans but to fans of musicians who know no boundaries to their creative output and who celebrate the success of the American spirit. We listen to the soul of the man through his music but here within the book we glimpse his engines of creation at work.

10/10 horns up


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