Saturday, June 21, 2014

On the Ripple Comic Book Shelf - Lost and Found – An Amy Devlin Mystery

This is a new thing for me, but Racer asked if anyone wanted to review some comics, and I was all like, “Yeah, I do”.  I wasn't sure what I was going to get to review, but I got a couple of graphic novels to read.  And I was more than pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this one.

I've read more than my share of comics and graphic novels over the years, and I really trend more to the superhero side of things.  Shove some Spiderman, Batman, or Fantastic Four in my face and I'll be quiet for hours.  I really haven't explored much of the hero genre, but in general I like the idea of a good graphic novel.  It's a really cool way to tell a story and I enjoy seeing what is basically a comic in long form.  There is some really good storytelling in a lot of these books, and a lot of people miss out that just because of the format.  A good story is a good story, regardless.

That is what really drew me into this book. It is the third so far in a series about, you guessed it, Amy Devlin.  I had not read the two previous books, although there is enough mentioned in this book about the two previous stories that I will hunt them down and read them.  Amy Devlin is a twenty-something private investigator who is new to that profession, but its something she really wants to do.  She lives in Los Angeles, so its a good setting for the story.  Its got a little bit of the good old noir style to it, but it also kind of plays around with that genre and does so in a fun way.  In a lot of ways, this is your typical detective story, with our protagonist given a mystery to solve, which of course takes some twists and turns and ends up going in a direction and uncovering secrets that didn't seem to be there when the story started.  Without giving too much away, its a missing persons cold case with some really good twists.

The writing is fantastic.  The story is well told and unwinds at a good pace, and the plot twists are really well conceived.  There was one that I saw coming but the others were surprises.  Although I wouldn't normally be interested by this type of story for several reasons, the writing was good enough to get me hooked and reel me in.  The artwork was good.  It is done in black, white and gray, which is not my thing, especially coming from superhero comics, but it is well done, it supports the story and I found myself digging it as the book went on.

The book is published by Oni Press out of beautiful Portland, Oregon.  Even living in the Northwest I have been unaware of them, but then again, the list of things of which I am unaware is pretty lengthy.  In looking at their website they seem to have some really cool books and series, so just what I need, more things to read.  Back to the subject at hand, I was really impressed with this book, all the more so because it drew me in to a style and subject that I wouldn't ordinarily read.  I like when something can take me by surprise like that and open me up to things I have not experienced before.  Give this one a shot, I think you'll be happy that you did.


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