Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mos Generator - Electric Mountain Majesty

Ohhhh maaaannn, Tony and the boys have done it again.  If you haven’t heard by now (first, shame on you), Mos Generator’s newest offering, Electric Mountain Majesty, is capable of destroying entire planets.  Why set the bar low, right?

This review would be 10 pages long if I broke down every song on the record.  So I’m not going to do that, but let’s put it this way: every. song. kicks. ass. period.

Electric Mountain Majesty never lets up.  It’s a solid kick in the head right off the bat with  the album’s title track.  Maybe my most favorite part of the record is that serious blast of aural excitement you could call an opening guitar solo on the second track Nothing Left But Night.   Who opens (opens!) a song with the sickest guitar solo in recent memory?  Mos Fucking Generator, that’s who.  Electric Mountains Majesty is 10 tracks of mean-ass hard rock jams.  Do you like hard rock?
Great, you’ll love it.

When it comes to a hard rock band, Mos Generator must be a dream to work with.  Not only have they never released a bad record, Tony also records them at his own Heavy Head Studios.   It’s been said before; they’re the full package.  That’s good news for Listenable Records who released Electric Mountains Majesty.  Tony’s production work really shines on this record.  The other records sound great.  Electric Mountains Majesty sounds REALLY great.  It’s huge.  The guitars crunch and wail, the bass is a sonic decimator, and the drums sound as if they're filling an entire cavern full of sound.

Also, and this is far and away no insult, but they have released the second coolest music video I have seen so far this year (Sturgill Simpson takes the #1 spot).  On top of that, Guitar World got the exclusive on the video release.   Maybe it’s just me, but anyone who has spent any time with their head in that publication has to think that is rad.  Well, I do.  Props.  It seams like things are looking good in the Mos Generator camp.  They definitely are contenders for being a house hold name among hard rock/heavy metal fans. 

There is no doubt that this album will be seen on the year-end best of lists.  It has certainly grabbed a spot on mine.  Just listen to it already!

--Ian Gerber

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