Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MetalRising Looks at Divebomb Records: The Hidden and Gross Reality

The Hidden - Fearful Symmetry

The title track!.....Holy crap!. The title track is what I first plugged into. My mind and ears were blown away. Incredible production. Song structure grabs the modern and tears it back to the old school. Power metal thrash with speed metal overtones. Progressive metal speed thrash with fates warning vocals. You call it what you want but I call it one thing: Incredible!

 Pick this cd up now! You will not regret it. “For Gods Ache” is another killer track. This is an incredibly talented and progressive band. Everything you want in a band is thrown into each song. I even hear some slayer style leads on “For Gods Ache” Awesome.

10/10 horns up

Gross Reality - Overthrow

Full on assault of your senses here. Gross Reality is a progressive trashy powerhouse. We have some killer tracks here. Insane drums. Vocals are not so high in the sky that you can’t sing along. wow. Awesome and catchy. Great production.

“Save Yourself’ is one of the best tracks here. Damn. This one got the windows down and the speakers cranked. Fans of thrash and intricately dynamic speed metal will be proud to own this cd. Probably some of the best produced discs I have heard in a while. Insane vocals and

Get this disc now! “Dirt Filled Skulls” is another insanely superior track. The musicianship of this band has to be heard to be believed. Syncopated masterpieces of sonic epics!

9/10 Horns up


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I want you in 1 of those T-shirts with a side order of goat. lol

the widows have gathered and 1 must say the dwarf with the bowl of beans looks quite enticing! lol



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