Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winger - Better Days Comin'

Release dates:
Europe: April 18th 2014
North America: April 22nd 2014

Track listing: Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine; Queen Babylon; Rat Race; Better Days Comin'; Tin Soldier; Ever Wonder; So Long China; Storm In Me; Be Who You Are, Now; Another Beautiful Day (*); Out Of This World.
(*) Bonus Track

Such a strong, killer release by these Icons of hard rock. The album sounds fresh and modern. Winger has always been one of the most consistently superior songwriting acts to survive the 80’s. They shine on this album. Each song is a testament to the power and the range of their collective musicianship.

    “Queen Babylon” is one of my favorites. The perfect combo of tongue in cheek lyrics and melody. The guitar lines are searingly superior. Just a great hard rock song. Gets you singing right along.

Songs like “Rat Race, and “Tin soldier” are creatively produced rockers. Winger knows how to work that rock and roll formula. This is good, solid rock and roll.

Over this entire album is a killer release. Fans of every rock genre should find songs they like on this album. I was truly impressed with the incredible guitar work contained in each track. The vocals are extraordinary as you would expect, but there are some songs that just grab you and surprise you. Songs like “Ever Wonder”, and “Better Days Comin” are two songs that come to mind. I like this album .It flows easy and pure right from the speakers to my ears.

9/10 horns up


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