Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sofy Major - Idolize

My goodness!  There is some really heavy music coming out of France.  Lots of variety too!  Perhaps all of this heaviness has been ominously emanating for some time.  I'm slow on the uptake so I'm just getting around to noticing.  My apologies to French musicians.  There, now that we've covered my lack of awareness towards a certain country's musical output let's discuss Sofy Major.

Sofy Major?  Yes, Sofy Major and their latest album Idolize.  This trio made up of two Mathieu's and a Sebastien clearly knows their way around a heavy metal ditty.  They label their sound as a combination of noise metal, hardcore, and "big-muff".  Fairly accurate I suppose, but not all inclusive.  My ears detect a lot of sludge metal in the mix.  It's just that the sludge metal has been injected with a lethal dose of speed creating a manic blend of ultra-distorted guitar/bass riffs and rapid-fire drumming that pummels the listener like an elite prize fighter.

Idolize is absolutely unrelenting.  It's thirteen tracks run 50 minutes.  Honestly when I listen to the album in total it feels longer.  This can be both good and bad.  When I'm in the mood for Sofy Major's particular brand of sonic mayhem the album is phenomenal!  There are times however where I find I have to choose individual songs off of Idolize to listen to so that my interest level is not worn down.  Fortunately all thirteen songs stand perfectly well on their own two feet.  My personal favorites are "UMPKK pt. 2", "Platini", and "Comment".

Waveriders if you're in the market for some new, high quality metal then set your sights on the album Idolize by Sofy Major.  It's heavy, it's interesting, and it's available right now!

-- Penfold

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