Monday, May 12, 2014

Black Oath - Ov Qlipthoth And Darkness

Black Oath is an excellent band from Milano in northern Italy. Falling somewhere in between traditional doom and funeral doom, they have been a force to be reckoned with sin their inception in 2006. Several EPs and splits have been released as well as two full-lengths where 'Ov Qlipthoth And Darkness' is the most recent and most prominent offering.

One distinguishing factor on this album is the production. The band has certainly found a very, very good sound thanks to engineer Frank Altar. It's so full and clear allowing all instruments equal space in the mix which makes 'Ov Qlipthoth And Darkness' so powerful. Some hardcore doom fans might complain it sounds too goo and to each his own. I prefer when bands makes the most of their time in the studio, i.e. play and record to the top of your ability. Of course don't over-do things but also do not go for a crappy sound because you want to stay trve. Utilize what you have at your disposal and greatness will be created. Black Oath has heeded that and I absolutely love the sound on this wax.

Founding members A.Th, vocals & guitars, and Paul V, bass guitar, has had a clear vision about Black Oath from the very beginning but it has taken a few years to reach that goal. Don't get me wrong, I do like everything they have released and the guys have always had a high musical standard but with 'Ov Qlipthoth And Darkness' all the little pieces has fallen into place. You could hear a good bit of this on the previous full-length 'The Third Aeon' although now everything has bloomed and Black Oath has stepped up to a whole new level.

For those of you who prefers funeral doom 'Scent Of A Burning Witch' will be righ up your alley. Slow and punishing with extremely heavy riffs in the parts that leans toward Candlemass. If your "thing" is traditional doom 'Drakon, It's Shadow Upon Us' will more than satisfy you. It's in fact my favourite song on the album. Faster in tempo but still with those heavy brutal riffs that shatters mountains it absolutely obliterates everything in it's way.

Despite the lyrical content, which deals with mainly death, occultism and witchcraft, 'Ov Qlipthoth And Darkness' is very uplifting. I feel rejuvenated every time I listen to it and should really play it more often. It's like a catharsis to me and should be prescribed by doctors as a remedy instead of all the chemical crap they dish out. Do yourself and Black Oath a favour...check them out. Your life will be much better, I promise!

-  Swedebeast

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