Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two From the XXXCENSOREDXXX Desk of Odin

Ass To Mouth – Degenerate

Shitfucker – Suck Cocks In Hell

Well now that I've written out the band names and album titles, I've used up all my swears for the week.  These are two albums that didn't quite come along at the same but close enough that when I saw the band names, I knew I had to write a review.  Not necessarily because they are just awesome albums, but come on.  Those band names, as a double header?  For those of you who may not be familiar, Ass To Mouth refers to a sexual act wherein you are having anal sex with your partner, then you pull out and your partner turns around and fellates you, thus taking a penis directly from the ass to the mouth.  Form your own opinions; for me, when I think about the fact that I might want to kiss my partner afterward, but my penis went from her ass directly to her mouth, it takes a little bit of the romance out of things.  As for Shitfucker, hell I don't know.  Figure that one out on your own.  Maybe hit up Urban Dictionary.

Anyhow, Ass To Mouth, are a pretty straight up grindcore band.  Nothing really spectacularly new or groundbreaking here.  They aren't bad, and if you like you some grind there's a lot worse you can listen to.  With the band name, you might think they are part of the perverse pornogrind sub-genre, but from what I can tell and make out of the lyrics and song titles, I wouldn't put them in that cubby hole.  The album flies by.  There are 20 tracks, but they all fall somewhere between one and two minutes in length, so put this one and don't blink.  There are some sound clips from “Leaving Las Vegas”, you know that kind of depressing movie with Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue where he's an alcoholic trying to drink himself to death and she's a hooker trying to save him, so I don't know if that is some kind of unifying theme to the album or just their favorite film.  If you're a fan of grind check this one out.  Or if you've always wanted to know what a grindcore band sounds like, give it shot.  And maybe at least get a grin when you lay this one on the checkout counter at your local FYE store.

Then we have Shitfucker.  I don't know what to say about these guys exactly.  They are not bad, but it just seems like they are around for shock value more than anything else.  The band name, the album title, the band logo that looks like a swastika.  Not exactly going for mass market appeal.  One thing you can say about both of these bands, they are certainly in it for love of music because they aren't doing anything to endear themselves to the average person.  And that is certainly what underground metal is about.  These guys play a mostly thrashy style with a little punk, little d-beat thrown in.  Some of the chord progressions wouldn't be out of place in death metal.  They are competent players but again, nothing really exciting here.  There are 7 songs on this one, plus an intro and outro that don't really count as tracks.  Once you get into the 3rd or 4th track a certain sameness sets in with the sound of the tracks and other than the lyrics being about different things the tracks really seem to just blend one to another.  It's an interesting album to listen to a couple of times but nothing for me anyway that I will go back to much more than that.

There you have it.  Come up with a couple of foul mouthed band names and album titles and at least you get me to listen to it.  I guess there is some real value in shock value after all.  And those band names? Yeah, I wouldn't try either of those at home, but that's just me. - ODIN

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