Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pretty Maids - Louder Than Ever

First listen to this album just blew me away. The second listen and I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to share this one with the neighbors. Regardless of the temps outside.

 This album is a nonstop juggernaut of heavy riffs and searing gravel bound vocals. Pretty Maids in 2014 is a perfect blend of melody and movement. The synopsis here is that this album contains so many good, solid hits that it’s hard to stop listening to.

   “My Soul to Take” is an incredible revelation of power and mood. One of the best on the album. Powerful. This song captures a vibe that I think they wanted to convey. Pretty Maids is a force to reckon with.

Other songs that stand out are: “Deranged”, “Psycho Time Bomb”, and “Nuclear Boomerang”
“Nuclear Boomerang” is a killer track. The intro is so haunting and then this riff monster explodes.

“Wake up in the Real World” is one of those songs that refuses to leave your head. Sonic perfection. The vocals are shining on this one.

“A Heart without a Home”. This is one of the most powerful and moving ballads I have heard in a while. You really feel the emotions here. There is a likable chorus that grabs you. I was singing along in no time. Perfect AOR rock and roll.

This album is one of the top five of this year and so far it stands tall. Simply put, this is a killer album that everyone should be playing loud and often. I look forward to seeing the response to this band as the year moves along. This album, these songs, this band, have created and produced a finely crafted machine of musical masterpieces. Enjoy!

9/10 Horns up!


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