Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Deap Vally - Sistronix

I threw this in the player, and thought to myself, "oh, oh yes, this is good."

Deap Vally is a two piece group. Pretty new on the scene, these girls are making big waves. For good reason too, they write good songs and they have a pretty unique sound. It's blues/root rock with a modern twist, and one hell of a voice. Like, serious, voice is the thing here. The drums are big, the guitar is fuzzy, the vocals are wild.

I know, I know, you'll say "so, it's the girl Black Keys." Yes I can see where you may get that, but no. It's not. It is untamed rock and roll. It is Joan Jett re-imagined.

They could be are the rebirth of real girl rock. That gritty stuff that The Runaways brought to the table. These girls are the continuation of that school. It is glorious and entirely refreshing.

Here, let me help you understand: Booze, sex, drugs, hangovers, Rock & Roll. Do you really need more get it through your head?


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