Monday, February 17, 2014

Three Way Plane - Fire EP

My company recently missed out on winning an order for the large-scale manufacture of our new airplane.  Why?  That's hard to say.  I've gone over the entire situation in my head several times and I can not come up with a satisfactory answer.  Our prototype was superior in every way.  It was faster, more maneuverable, could carry a heavier payload, and would have been cheaper to produce than any of the other entrants in the design competition!  What sane individual or group would choose an obviously inferior product!? 

I tell you there is something fishy about this whole affair.  I'd demand an independent investigation if I thought it could cut through the red tape surrounding this bureaucratic blunder, but I've been around this business too long to be that naive.  No, I'll just have to take the 'thanks for participating' letter sent to my company at face value.  The preposterous claim put forward by the letter is that our airplane was rejected due to the fact that it can't go backwards.  Of course it can't go backwards!  Airplanes only need to move in three different ways!  Forward, up and down, and left and right. 

I'm sorry.  Has there ever been a commercial airplane that while flying could stop and retrace its flight path?  Where the pilot thinks oops, I overshot the runway.  Better throw this puppy into reverse.  Of course not!  Yeah, sorry our plane didn't include a six-speed gearbox or paddle shifters to fulfill this clear aeronautical need.  What a joke.  Uggh.  I need a new job.

Greetings waveriders.  Take a trip with me to Athens, Greece where we find the band Three Way Plane.  Today we're going to be discussing their Fire EP, which the group self released in late December of 2012.  According to their Facebook page they describe their sound as psychedelic punk/post-hardcore.  Who am I to argue, especially when that categorization is mostly accurate?  Actually, I'm not so sure about the psychedelic label.  Perhaps that's in reference to their earlier work.  I'll find out and report back later.  Anyway, down to business.

The Fire EP is fantastic!  The group blazes through the four songs on offer in under thirteen minutes.  Each track is easily distinguishable from the others yet all four come together seamlessly to create an endearing whole.  "Old School Chum" starts things off with a trumpet and a trombone playing a ska-friendly introduction.  The guitar, bass and drums kick in quickly to anchor the song with a more aggressive hardcore stance.  "Freeze Me" adds some 90s grunginess to the band's sonic formula.  "Fall In Love With Fire" is my pick of the litter.  I am enamored with the twists and turns this song takes and the fact that it never loses an ounce of energy.  "Queen Misery" provides the most straight ahead punk rock attack and is an excellent way to close out the EP.

Hear me waveriders.  Those of you in the mood for some terrific new tunes destined to light a fire under your day need look no further than Three Way Plane.  You can download the Fire EP directly off their Bandcamp page for the low, low price of free so you have nothing to lose.  Enjoy!

-- Penfold

Download Here - 

Fall In Love With Fire              

Queen Misery


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