Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel

Few guitar players who have played with Ozzy have left such a lasting legacy than Jake E Lee. Who could  forget "Ultimate Sin", or "Bark At the Moon"? Those insane riffs and blistering leads. He wasn't a Rhoads or Gillis copycat. Jake E Lee had a signature sound that he easily reinvented with his next band, Badlands. His guitar playing is fiery yet soulful, passion filled yet technical. He is a musicians musician.

Red Dragon Cartel is a triumph of hard rock.  A come back from a man many thought would never  jump back into the scene again. Many of us believed that the death of Ray Gillen in Badlands would mark the end of such a promising career. To his credit it's as if he never left.

 Red Dragon cartel is a powerhouse collection of vocalists who share Jake's vision of what a great rock and roll guitar band should be. The album is loaded with guest appearances. Vocalists include, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Paul DiAnno of Iron maiden, and Jeremy Spencer from Five Fingered Death Punch.

"Feeder: is my favorite and features Robin Zander From Cheap Trick on vocals. It is a signature guitar sound that propels this tune. Hard rock yet melodic enough. Amazing calculated riffs abound.

Stand outs also include "War Machine", and "Redeem Me" featuring Sass Jordan

The album has a fluidity that only Jake could create. Once again, it sounds like he never went away at all. This album is chock full of guitar theatrics that will make your hair stand on end. His style and playing mastery project an image of the real. You can tell the honesty in his soul. This is the album you must own for 2014.

10/10 horns up


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Anonymous said...

That BATM cover is fucking fantastic; gave me goosebumps.

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