Monday, February 3, 2014

BAT - Primitive Age (Demo)

Fast, aggressive, ugly, well honed punk 'n' roll/thrash metal.  That's the order of the day with this three-man demolition squad.  Waiter?  I'll have some more please.  Thank you.  Seriously, if this is BAT's idea of a demo then we the listening public have an enormous problem on our hands.  Somebody needs to get in touch with the emergency broadcast system because when this band releases a completed production it's going to create absolute havoc!

What I'm trying to say is that I like this five song demo.  I like it a lot!  Instrumentally the guitar tone is downright nasty, the bass work is positively frenetic, and the drums are maniacally hard charging.  Special recognition goes out to the vocalist.  He utilizes gruff and menacing clean vocals that perfectly complement the music's pissed-off Motorhead meets Testament vibe.  The attitude running through each song is criminally intoxicating!

I won't go into a song by song breakdown waveriders.  That would be a waste of your time.  Why not just take fourteen minutes out of your day and listen to this little gem?  After you've been thoroughly entertained, your only question will be whether you want to download a digital copy or buy Primitive Age on cassette.  Yes, that's right.  Cassette.  Beware the BAT and rock on!

-- Penfold

Youtube Vids - Entire Demo

Bandcamp -
Physical Copies -

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