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A Ripple Conversation with Brian Guy, Drummer - Ones Will

Ones Will is Lyo Braga (vocals) Brian Lee Guy(drums) Scott Southgate (bass)and Mario Lima Jr (guitar,rhythm/lead)

Ones Will is a Pawtucket, Rhode Island, based progressive rock band. They have a unique sound and are destined to stand out among the local scene. You have to hear them deliver a progressive, funky blend of powerful and soulful modern progressive rock jams. I was blown away by their dedication to perfection and their obvious joy at the act of musical creation. I had the chance to speak with Drummer, Brian Guy.

Tell me about the band name?
I came up with the name. We all have gone down different paths in life especially with my past. With addiction and stuff like that. I went down that path and then turned my life around. So it's like "My Will" to play. I've always played drums. I brought it to the guys and was like :it's our will to play. So the name was kind of fitting. Plus it's hard to come up with a good name.

Who writes the songs?
We share everything. Usually we jam and come up with some riffs and then mario or scott will bring something in and we take it from there. We add this part and that part and kind of build it into a song. Leo will add vocals to it later. We don't tell him what to write. We give feedback to one another. We want to make it the best we can make it.

What is your favorite track to play live?
I like "Fuge". That track I like to play. It's a heavy Sabbath kind of feel. But I like to play them all. Tough to pick.

Your influences?
Neil Peart, John Bonham, Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, Buddy rich. His style how he held the sticks. Traditional grip it became something I'm really comfortable with.

What are the plans for Ones Will cd release?
Actually in the studio right now recording. We have at least 12 originals. I would say by spring 2014. Self released. Leo has a recording studio so we are doing it ourselves. Not sure if it will be physical cds or just digital. I would like to get t-shirts and stickers made. It's costly. we all have bills.

Your gig schedule seems to be more about quality than quantity. Is that something you planned?

We all want to get out there but first impression is crucial. We want to be really tight. Nothing worse than going out to see a band that is sloppy. we want to be polished. For the fans and for us.

What can the brand new fan of ones will expect at a show?
they can expect a lot of energy. A rock and roll progressive, funky show. All mixed into one. Mario, the guitar player he brings the rock into it. He's a big Slash fan. Scott the bass player he's got a lot of funk bass in him. Leo , his vocals are powerful soulful. A lot of plant and Chris Cornell style. I get a lot of influence from Mike Portnoy and that type of progressive sound. We like to keep it interesting and not the same old thing.

Any covers?
We are going to do" how many more times"(zeppelin)at the show at Dusk In Feb. Maybe yyz by rush. We haven't decided on it yet. We really just want to do all original tunes.

Any band you would love to play with?
(Laughs), That's a tough one.  Alter Bridge would be one. Or dream Theater. something Progressive. Planet x.

Do You view Social media as a positive or a negative?
I view social media as a positive. I would like to promote the band more. To do it constantly it gets to be an expense. We do a lot through reverb nation. I would like to get some more tracks on there.

Any advice to aspiring musicians?
Yeah. Just practice. Every day. When I was a kid I would practice every day. even if it's just fifteen minutes. Keep pursuing your dream.


Ones Will performing at Dusk on Febuary28th 8pm 301 Harris Avenue Providence Rhode Island
check them out on reverb nation and facebook

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