Sunday, December 1, 2013

Revelation - Inner Harbor

Oh yeah, a new Revelation album has seen the light of day. And man, I couldn't be happier. This amazing progressive doom band from Maryland have been going at it since 1986 releasing great music from the get-go creating a great name for themselves. Personally I don't think they get the credit they deserve but that doesn't seem to phase the band. It's a shame though but let's not dwell on that and rejoice instead at what Messeurs Brenner, Branagan and Hall has in store for us.

All the characteristics I associate with Revelation are there: John Brenner's soft emotive voice and his immaculate guitar playing; Bert Hall's amazing and innovative bass work; Steve Branagan's super tight and elegant drumming, doom and of course the Rush influences. It wouldn't be a Revelation album if not. But as with any of their previous releases, they move up a step. Playing it safe and re-hash old ideas is not part of the band's vocabulary. Instead Inner Harbor is the natural transgression for them and an amazing one at that.

Every time I listen to Inner Harbor I find myself leaning back in the chair, close my eyes and just drift off. The magical tones sweeping over me are hypnotic, brilliant and they make me relax and feel good. As I'm being swept away my mind opens up to the visions I see and it is so soothing for a troubled mind. In a way that's strange because Revelation's lyrics aren't up-beat...We’re without want, mocked and gaunt, stretched out straight, all too late for us(An Allegory Of Want). But the combination of their trance-inducing music and dark lyrics works wonders, at least for me. As I listen to this album I can feel negativity being drawn out from me and subsequently a sense of peace settles in.

To me Revelation stands for quality and innovation of the highest order and subsequently have a completely different take on doom than their peers. Individually the three members are excellent musicians which is one big reason they won't let themselves be cornered by "the rules and laws" of a genre. Instead they let their inspirations run free and in doing so they have created 'Revelation-music', there's no other way to put it. If you have never listened to this amazing trio before Inner Harbor is the perfect introduction. Although I highly recommend you that you get your hands on all of their releases because you will have a bottomless treasure chest of high class music.


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