Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Earth Rocker - Clutch

“I”m an Earth Rocker! Can you hear me now!?!?!”  I’m late to the game on this one, but man-oh-man was it worth the wait.  Clutch’s “Earth Rocker” is a return to form and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’m going to go ahead put this one in the ‘classic’ Clutch category up there with Robot Hive/Exodus, Blast Tyrant, and Elephant Riders.  I only leave out the self-titled because in my ever so humble opinion it is untouchable.   “Let’s break it down to brass tacks”!  Earth Rock does indeed reach crucial velocity and it get’s there quick.  By the time you get through the second track, Crucial Velocity as it were, you realize that Clutch is bringing home the goods for all of the loyal fans. 

There is not one stinker in the albums 11 tracks.    Favorite track?  All of them.  Even though it is a full album, it goes by quick.  The heady jams, crushing grooves, and the attitude driven vocal delivery full of percipient utilization of an expansive lexicon and classic sci-fi devices really gets back to the core of what Clutch fans have come to expect of the greatest rock band on earth.  Yes, they are officially earth rockers and have claimed their stake to the title.  It is a totally enjoyable listening experience.    Naturally, these guys push the rock and roll limits and rule book to the max. 

Everything from trippy acoustic guitar and spoken word passages to full out punk rock boogie happen here.  The blend is uncanny.  Machine (the albums producer) did a fine job with the production.  It sounds live and in your face but tight and clean like you would expect from a now tenured rock band.  It’s a great working partnership.  If you caught any of their promos before the album was released you probably noticed the most important aspect of making looked like a lot of fun.

 It translates into the music.  It’s a fun record for anyone familiar with the band or not.    Clutch has produced another classic.  Well done, guys. I’m glad I waited to listen to this one and I’m really glad it lived up to the hype.  I can’t wait to catch them again as they pound the miles on their unceasing touring habit.  I’ll say it here or anywhere; Clutch is the best damn rock band on the planet and Earth Rocker just backs that statement up.  

--The Grime

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