Monday, October 14, 2013

Mellow Bravo - Ripper

Here is a true rock and roll band. So many influences abound throughout. At first listen I'm hearing, deep purple, Vintage trouble, Old school rock and then there is a flavor of punk rock. Bands like this are perfect fuel for films. They add so much in quality to the audio. The production is raw and yet polished. I like this sound. Creativity and control. They are a band that knows their sound. Hailing from Boston, formed in 2009. 6 piece band with dual  vocals. Very cool.

New England rock and metal bands all seem to have that same kind of vibe. It might be the cold winters. They get into your veins. Or the swirling atmosphere of the falling leaves. Whatever the flavor might be, this band seems to have captured a true New England rock sound. It is complete and full. A band that has honed its craft on the small stages and clubs during those long cold winter nights and is now ready to unleash its heat upon the world.

Their music has been featured in documentaries and indie films as well as...the food network?. Awesome Check out this album. It is a rocking and rolling good time. Oh and one more cool thing..the cd is free!! Check it out!!!

7 horns up


Small Stone / Mad Oak Records

Andrew Doherty
Jess Collins
Dave Jarvis
Jeff Fultz
Seager Tennis
Keith Pierce

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