Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; We're A Heavy Psychedelic Boogie Band by Libido Fuzz

"Libido Fuzz is a heavy tuned hard rocking psychedelic boogie band.

The three piece out of Bordeaux/France, Nick Blazy (Bass), Thibault Guezennec (Drums) and Pierre-Alexis Mengual (Vocals/Guitar), started up in 2012 with their mind blowing and unique sound. Libido Fuzz combines classic elements of finest 70's psychedelic music and mixes it up with tasty hard driven Blues stuff."

I get a lot of bands submitting their music to me. I try to at least sample everything submitted. I have probably about a 90% success rate. Some bands though, they strike the right chord right away and I wind up giving the whole thing a full listen when I don't really intend to at that moment. The latest is the newest release by Libido Fuzz.

I got to listen to this EP about a week before the actual release, which was only a few days ago. I was hooked. It's got everything, catchy riffs, fuzzed out effects and great composition. It's mostly fuzzed out stoner rock with psychedelics, some classic rock and a little desert rock for a good balance of what makes a good album good. Listening to this makes me feel like heading down the highway with the windows open blasting it for everyone within hearing distance to get a taste of it.

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