Friday, July 5, 2013

TWO New CDs for July - King County Queens and The OF!

Here we go. It’s July. Two new albums this month. That means twice as much raw rock action. For you.

KCQ Front RGB 260.jpg               
The Of Front RGB 260.jpg

Part 1. The King County Queens! We are featuring them as our Album of the Month. They are a band that features three guys named Scott and one Not-Scott. They are guitar rock with wah-wah, you know – Amerigaze! Psychedelic Pop! They were featured on last year’s Green Monkey X-mas album and now there’s a whole albums’ worth of Queens. They are part of the current Seattle old dude rock scene - guys (mostly) who just want to rock and don’t really care too much where the chips land. KCQ features past and current members of The Green Pajamas, Chemistry Set, Half Light and some other fine bands.

Their album is available right now from GMR and July 16 from fine stores and other swell online sources. If you buy it direct from GMR, you get two bonus download tracks. We just shot a Masterpiece Theater video (contains actual plotline) for “Krautrock" and will be sending that your way shortly. These guys play around town pretty regular, usually at places you can purchase adult beverages. You should go see ‘em. For sure, go see 'em Saturday, July 20th, 2013, 9 pm. — at the Skylark in West Seattle for their CD release party. (Not-Scott's last gig before moving to LA). They have a Facebook page. They have an EPK: They have a SoundCloud album How much easier can we make it? 

Part 2: The OF starring in "Oh It’s The OF." The OF self-released this warped guitar fiesta a year ago and I featured it as GMR streaming Album of the Month, calling them the top band in the Cle Elum scene even though they are from Roslyn and there is no Cle Elum scene. Well, it’s time to bust them out of Cle Elum – I mean Roslyn – and now they have moved up to the big leagues. You can get it from GMR today and from fine stores and iTunes July 16. Oh yeah. We will be releasing their second album shortly and thought maybe people should hear this fantastic first album. 

We have gussied up this new version plenty for you. OF-Man #1 John remastered the whole thing, complete with the correct song breaks this time. The whole cover was re-jiggered so now you see the beautiful back cover as one should with plenty of psychosomatic art inside. We are currently hard at work on a video - their tribute to themselves – “You’re In Love With The OF” (of course you are).

The OF CD release poster                                                                                              
There’s gonna be a groovy record release party on July 13 at Darrell’s on 185th and Aurora, with prog rockers Dissonati and the exciting new Guardians. Ferget about that Sub Pop stuff in G-town – Darrel’s is where it is at. The OF are also playing out in the stinking desert for Desert Sage July 20. Their record will be available at all the same sporty places as the King County Queens.

As we already featured The OF as AotM, we shall feature the Queens this month. Not to worry – you can hear The OF right here. And you can like them on Facebook! They too have a Sound Cloud album and an EPK: How modern!

The GMR streaming Album of the Month can be live-streamed each and every month directly from Every month GMR will have an exciting new AotM, sometimes a GMR Superstar, sometimes something else! Always 100% Northwest, always 100% cool.

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