Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Exits - The Exits - S/T EP

The Exits are getting airplay in Northern Ireland.  They should also get some here with their July 1, 2013 release of self-titled five track EP.  

It is criminal that Criminal Records characterizes The Exits as a "synth rock" band since that label could unnecessarily limit the band's audience.  While it is true they is much keyboard synth in their music, what you actually get is an awesome 1970's feel electric blues rock updated for the silicon-based 21st Century. The band, Ray Charlton (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Mike Keating (Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocals, Programming),  George Austin (Bass, Synth, Programming) and Ian Hamilton (Drums, Backing Vocals) is the epitome of digitization and you can hear it in their lyrical and music approach.  Charlton's voice is vibrant, textured and compelling. His raspy presentation supported by Keating's and Hamilton's background and reinforcing harmonies.  

The track "Fever" is a driving modern blues with a wonderful guitar hook, enticing voices and phenomenal drums. The use of synth makes for some interesting counterpoints and crescendos.  "Neon City" hosts overdriven, gritty vocals with exacting drums, bass and guitars, and synth accents.  In concert it should definitely be an audience screaming participatory gem.  The song "Fear Inside Me" is a modern take on the epic classic rock ballad.  It is a journey from auditory tense to unbridled exhuberance.  The sound of an air raid siren marks the beginning of "Three Minute Warning," a funk and bump that becomes fused with hard rock and outright boogie. It all results in a psychedelic head trip of a tune.  Finally, the band goes completely cosmic on "You Gotta Help Me Out," and discovers a blues rock sound experience worthy of the digital age.  

The self-titled EP portends a full length debut album that the band expects to release later this year.  Some of the content of the EP is sure to appear on the album, such as "Fear Inside Me" and "You Gotta Help Me Out."  However, get this EP and the album.  Once you listen to it you will probably want both so you can say you have all of The Exits covered.

- Old School

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