Monday, July 8, 2013

SPEEDTRAP premiere track from SVART debut on and

Today, SPEEDTRAP premiere the first track off their forthcoming SVART RECORDS debut on heavily trafficked web-portals and Entitled "Powerdose," the song is the title track to SPEEDTRAP's debut album, set for international release on August 23rd through SVART on both CD and LP formats. SPEEDTRAP's "Powerdose" can be heard in its entirety here and
After many slow-ups and hardships, Finland’s SPEEDTRAP (founded in Lappeenranta, 2007) are finally back and ready to let it loose! Three years have passed since their previous release, a split album with Helsinki-based heavy metal punks Death with a Dagger, but the reckless heavy metal rockers have been busy boosting up their hyper-energetic act to a whole new level.
Those already familiar with SPEEDTRAP know what to expect: the aptly named debut full-length album Powerdose is a Motörheadcrash of speed metal, hardcore punk, rock ‘n’ roll, and rapid-fire guitars that will bulldoze the feeble retro-revival scene back into oblivion. With roots crawling in the most vigorous depths of the '80s, SPEEDTRAP grabs the listener by the cojones with their take-no-prisoners/no-holds-barred arrogance, bestial grooves, rockin’ riffs that force the head to tilt back and fort, and vicious vocal delivery provided by Jori Sara-Aho, one of the most promising players in the scene.
SPEEDTRAP is not here to reinvent the wheel, but to stretch out the best parts of their influences and mold it into exceptionally vivacious heavy metal rock mammoth. The band has squeezed out all the unnecessary elements out of their diamond-tight arrangements and kept the songs short to ensure an overdose of genuine 110-proof rock energy. Zero extra + zero bullshit = pure rock ‘n’ roll powerdose!
To fully capture the band's true sound and identity, the album has been recorded fully analogue from beginning to end: no computers were used in the making of this album. The result is a musical weapon of brutal delight that will take no prisoners. Warning: SPEEDTRAP is not for wimps

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