Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked

     This re-issue showcases an earlier, raw, production from the band.  Listeners can now go back and hear the formation of a power house act.  I may be a little biased as I have reviewed these guys before. They are in regular rotation on my IPod. I am confident that they will be approaching legendary status in a few more years. Heavy Metal needs more bands like Sister Sin.

     Powerful vocals lead a battle ready band over the great audio barriers and into the sonic flames of war. The hallmarks of a great metal act now etched in digital stone. This album gives a taste of what the future will bring. Superior vocals, screaming guitars, huge driven chorus. It's all here. School, that is Metal school is in session.

"Kiss The Sky", and "Dance Of The Wicked" kick off this earth shattering opus in hard rock style.
     Liv Jagrell tears up the Stone's classic "Paint It Black". She and her band mates own this song and they know it. She sings this one as if she wrote it herself. A perfect vehicle to highlight her power vocals. This song has been covered by so many bands before and yet here, Sister Sin transform it into one of their own tunes.

"Rock And Roll" is a Motorhead epic masterpiece and here comes Sister Sin. They deliver a stunningly powerful version and...and get this. They include a duet with Doro Pesch herself on it as well. Too metal for words. You can hear where Liv has obviously been a fan of the immortal Doro. The two sound great together and the song kicks you right in the teeth.

"End Of The Beginning" is a refreshingly simplistic epic instrumental. Nothing flashy just  good song crafting from the band.

"Love Lies "is another stand out track here.

Overall the production is a little thin compared to later albums but the magic of this band is truly captured. This is one of the rising stars of metal. Pick up this album and sit back and enjoy.


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