Monday, July 22, 2013

Night Demon - S/T

     Old school NWOBHM sound here. The EP is just a taste of what this band has to conjure up. Solid production and a precision songwriting style. They know what they like and they run with it. So many bands like to say they have old school influences and you never hear them in the mix. This band is a solid representative of the classic metal sound. Play this one loud and proud.  Reminds me of early Def Leppard or witchfynder General.

Title track, "Night Demon" is a rock solid rock anthem. This is a band that knows how to deliver. The guitar leads are off the charts. Vocals are intense and classic.

"The Chalice". Excellent power metal on this song. Great lead. One of the top songs on the EP. This one combines all the influences into a single tight, catchy, sing along tune. I like the lyrics on this one.
"Ancient Evil" is another standout track. Here we can detect a slight Grim Reaper influence. All of your classic metal from the early 80's and beyond has been refocused thru this band. Solid song with some seriously good, intense vocals.

"Ritual" o.k. this is the best track on the EP. Performance wise it calls to mind the entire NWOBHM sound. Early Metallica, Diamond Head, with a Paul Dianno-esque vocal delivery. This is a great song.

 Any fan of old school metal with like this EP and this band. My only complaint is that I want to hear more. But if you remember the lifestyle and the whispered dream of classic heavy metal, then you will like this band. I can almost see their patch on my denim jacket. Night Demon is a powerhouse beacon of heavy metal light. They beckon all who listen to join them on a new crusade. A chance to bring that NWOBHM sound back to our shores once again.

8/10 Horns up


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