Sunday, July 7, 2013

Montenegro - Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma

Desert rust, blackened corrosion faces a southern sun, air so boiling hot it turns sand to glass. A rumbling in the ground slowly builds like a distant thundering drum. Riffs start to ring out, while a man reads from a giant tome so loudly it could only be emanating from within your own head. Your breathing slows and as your eyes begin to shut you see the vultures circle.

Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma translates to Confusing Memories After Coma and it’s a fitting title. This album could make a fitting soundtrack to an ethereal place somewhere outside consciousness. Soluciones uses trance inducing riffs to lull you into an amniotic blue state of warm complacency with their mix of Balkanik and Argentinian folk. Haunting jangle from the past comes alive finds ground as it builds nicely into straight forward desert rock. I imagine it is what it would sound like if Ararat and Lost Natas were the same band.

Tiempo Fractal has a cool modern jazzy rock trill with sparse moments of vocals or recitations creating a truly psychedelic experience. The kind that Carlos Castaneda searched for in so many lengthy, wordy tomes. The mind shift that can only come so quickly and thoroughly when it’s pumped through tube amps and electric current. Warm and eerie, this album is excellent stoner rock, play it loud.

--Plague Rat

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