Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Core of Destruction Radio - Underground Radio at it's Finest!

You love the underground?  You love it heavy?  Nickleback doesn't satisfy your tastes?

Then check out Core of Destruction Radio.  A labor of love from some serious music fanatics.

Here's how they describe it:

"Core of Destruction is a website/radio station started for the sole purpose of supporting music deemed unworthy of the mainstream or for elitist blogsites and stations.

After recently celebrating our two-year anniversary, we can only thank everyone who has helped us get to the level we are at now.

We stream 24/7 from every genre imaginable, live DJs with dedicated shows, movie reviews, political videos, and chat/forums where you can come and congregate.

We have prided ourselves on being different from other sites and trying to keep a place for people of all different types to feel comfortable by being very open-minded on views, no matter how crazy they get."

The stream 24/7.  I'm listening right now.

Rock on!

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