Saturday, July 27, 2013

BRUTUS - Behind The Mountain

A five man band made up of three bearded Swedes and two Norwegians who play rock music like the late '60s and early '70s never went away. If you like groovy and psychedelic hard rock, bring forth your bellbottoms and wide lapels because these guys are exactly what Hyde from That '70s Show would have been listening to.

That's right kids, break out the bong, grab a gatefold album and start rolling them because this is a throwback to those heady and crazy days of your parents and possibly your youth if you are of an older persuasion that is. The songs are thick with GRAND FUNK riffs, heavy bass and a groove to shake your feathered hair to. This sounds exactly like I remember the basement of my house sounded like when my brother and his friends were over and I can still smell that fragrant aroma that hung in the air, trying to be covered by incense. As you can see, not at all like the TV show at all.

The band plays a very rocking set of songs that lay on the heavy grooves that will get stuck in your head and they also have some really awesome guitar playing going on that will get the air guitars going. The throbbing bass really give the songs that nice bottom heavy feel and really add depth to the songs. The band really seems to be having a great time playing and it's so infectious that you will definitely feel it and get a smile on your face.

This is a great album that is full of incredible riffs, thick beats and mostly the memories of my youth that in conjures up for me. I will be playing this as much as possible and will force everyone that I know to listen to it and groove on with me.


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