Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer -S/T

Alright, an album I can dig in or space out to!  Tumbleweed Dealer has brought a fantastic set of trippy instrumentals to the plate following their 2012 release, the Death Rides Southward EP.  Featuring members of The Last Felony and Dopethrone, these guys live up to their pedigree. 

My personal favorite “stoner” stylings are mid-tempo groovy, jammed out numbers filled with heavy riffs and spaced out psychedelia.  Well...yes, Tumbleweed Dealer deliver in spades.  I’ll come clean, I have seen their name come up on the other blogs and online stoner community but I never really checked them out.  I wish I would have checked them out much sooner.  Fill your bongs, this one is a solid trip.

I can’t necessarily pick a favorite track.  The whole record flows nicely and the true test of an instrumental record is consistency.  Mission accomplished.  Of course, memorable song titles help in this case, so my favorite track name is “How To Light A Joint With A Blowtorch”.  While don’t suggest trying that at home (because you are already probably really stoned if you want to try that), I do suggest listening to the track.  Every track is worth a gaze into the lava lamp.

I could keep going but you get the point.  Tumbleweed Dealer brings psychedelic drone with a bluesy twist oozing of resin and swirling with a hashey haze worthy of multiple plays. 

--The Grime

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