Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blinded By Faith - Chernobyl Survivor

While at times the music has me imagining a top of the mountain thunder cry with symphonic flourishes of synthesizer, the vocals scream alienation and evoke decay. Grounding this death metal drenched in black with something less grandiose than the epic NWOBHM sound that gives a crescendo to many of the tracks.

In So Speaks The Voice Of The Law and Porn Scars Tommy Demers, who does double duty on vox and keys, sings about the sickness of the porn industry. Other themes include stimulants and suicide. One through theme seems to be the disease of wanting to rock too hard. I wanted to rock pretty hard when I listened to this, he has a point, but the mix of dionysian recklessness mixed with the blood and froth of death is a little strange. I wasn’t sure how I should react honestly.

At times I find myself really enjoying this. The mix bag of styles and the updated eighties thrash, only further stylized, cover art reminds me of a modern speed metal, unrelenting and without apology. But I might like it a lot more if they decided to go with one major influence. I don’t want to be too critical about it though as Chernobyl Survivor is a solid recording with quite a bit of passion and a proficient performance.

--Plague Rat

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