Friday, January 25, 2013

YAYLA's Nihaihayat Out Now; Full Album Stream At

Nihaihayat, the fourth full-length release from Turkish black metal entity YAYLA is now available through Montreal-based Merdumgiriz Records. 

To commemorate the release of this cerebral and atmospheric masterpiece, is streaming the album in its entirety. Check it out at this location. 

Visit to order. 

Multi-instrumentalist/ composer/filmmaker Emir Toğrul, the mastermind behind YAYLA. recently completed a short film entitled "Integumental Grasp Through The Sigil Of Hate; Immortalizing The Nine Disguises Of Evil In Senility," featuring album track "Integumental Grasp." Experience this dark and brooding piece of minimalist cinema at this location. 
In what will surely be considered a high water mark for Turkish Black Metal, Nihaihayat is a five-track, 51-minute mood-swinging journey book-ended by the chilling beauty of ambient pieces "Integumental Grasp" and "In Senility." In between are three epic cuts of soul searing harshness, hypnotic madness marches, and bleak atmospherics. Nihaihayat was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristobal Urbina and Emir Toğrul September-December 2012. 

Adding yet another personal element to Toğrul's grand vision, each Nihaihayat CD is handmade; Emir sprays the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, and pretty much makes the whole thing from scratch. Unsurprisingly, the YAYLA shirts are hand-painted by Toğrul. Direct from the hand of the creator himself, there is no limit to the number of NihaihayatiCDs, at least as long as the man is alive. Toğrul is also co-owner of Merdumgiriz

"Certainly a nice record to accompany cold, lonely nights." - Heavy Metal Tribune

"The combination of assaulting black metal and soothing atmospheric elements provides the listener with a style of black metal that many may not hear at a first glance.Yayla creates an album that kicks off the year the right way. So if you're looking for an album that differentiates the styles of black metal, you'll love this right away." 
- Ultima Music Blog

For more on YAYLA, including complete discography and merch, visit the links below:

Merdumgiriz Records and YAYLA have now cast their shadow over the sprawling cyber-tropolis of Facebook. Check both pages at the links below:

Merdumgiriz Records


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