Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Horn's Newest Anthology of Quasi-Musical Advice and Counsel

I haven't listened to much new stuff, lately, I'll be honest. What follows below is a Stygian tour through the only new(ish) released to attract my darkest of hearts.

Dark heart? I dunno. It's off-white, anyway. Kind of an "egg cream" white, one might say.

Pig Destroyer, Book Burner: Their ...And Justice For All-- No low end, weirdly boxy production that somehow contributes to the overall pure dexterity and fury of this band. This and Monolith of Inhumanity fucking tower over ever other grind/ death grind release this year. My no. 3 of the year.

Anaal Nathrakh, Vanitas: No appreciable evolution over their previous LP Passion... but this English black/industrial outfit still show you how pure, literal, psychotic rage sounds. Top of the year.

Weapon, Embers and Revelations: The thrash metal band that wants to be as mysterious and eeeeevil as black metal bands.

Dysrhymia, Test of Submission: Instrumental sludge/ prog that will fuck your stoned ass up. Pelican on benzedrine and a pharmaceutical-grade nootropic stack...

Witchcraft, Legend: If Mikael Akerfeldt was born 20 years earlier and formed Opeth as a hard rock act. Great. No. 2 of the year.

The Shrine, Primitive Blast: serf/stoner rock played by overstimulated teenagers who just discovered how much they like weed, and punk rock... MRSA-catchy songs on this bad boy, these Beach Boys of punked-out hardcore and blues rock....

Car Bomb,  w^w^^w^w  -- that cover; sounds like Meshuggah and/or Helmet covering the
Crumbsuckers and/or Scatterbrain and/or Thought Industry.... Dillinger Escape Plannish....


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