Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sister Sin - Now And Forever

     Solidifying themselves as the premier female fronted hard rock act, Sister Sin has unleashed a powerfully addictive master class of metal. Everything you could want in a modern day hard rock/metal band is held within this disc. Both the sin and the sinners, the metal and the damned, all here on this disc for your listening pleasure. And musical pleasure is what this bands sells the best.  From beginning to end this is one hungry band who knows what it wants. Every track is dripping with raw musical sexuality and make no mistake this is one loud album.

     End Of The Line has some of the strongest vocals yet. This is a rock and roll 5k through the fields of metal heaven.

Fight song sounds a lot like motley crue only louder and more aggressive. Simply put this is one hell of a good tune.

Further listening reveals other favorites such as, The Chosen Few, I'm not you and Morning After.

  I was excited to hear this album after going through their catalog in anticipation. This disc sets them apart from other bands and even their previous work. And that ladies and gentlemen was no easy feat as some of their previous albums are just pure kick ass metal. Albums like Switchblade serenades, and true sounds of the underground were metal masterpieces in themselves but this new disc sets it all up for iconic status. You will feel the power and conviction as well as the passion and the love of hard rock when you put this disc on .Any fan of early Motley Crue, Priest, Doro, scorpions will love this album.

The musical rampage tears through you like a runaway train delivering its message. And the only message Sister Sin has is that they are here to stay "Now And Forever"

15 horns up on my usual 10 horn scale....yeah   they are that good.


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