Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strong Intention - Razorblade Express

Maryland bands never fall short on extremity. Since the mid-‘90s STRONG INTENTION have been punishing the underground with their own blend of New York-influenced hardcore breakdowns and blistering grindcore. Their unique sound has allowed them the longevity to play out and tour with such undisputed acts as Cripple Bastards, Disfear, Phobia, Extreme Noise Terror, Rotten Sound, D.R.I., Lock-Up and Misery Index, among others over their extensive career… and they’re just getting started.

 These guys have put together a 9:38 rip into the time space continuum with their new release Razorblade Express.

 With longtime friend Mike IX Williams of EHG fame in tow on two songs and oddly, the two longest tracks at just over 2:00 each, the whole release clocks in with a hit’em and run hard core style that has been missing for a very long time. While Mike will be the first to admit that being from NOLA so everything is slower, the rest of the tracks are NOT slow in any way.

 Formed in the mid-90’s and going through several line up changes, the current members have stayed on the harder edge of “Core” and even taken it to extremes that have some calling it Grind Punk.
 This all coupled with the bands lyrics of the current world around us and an apocalyptic viewpoint, their front man Zac Ohler proclaims: “It’s been far too long since we put out a record, so having these six songs of ‘no hope/no future distort’ released by a killer label and having long time friend Mike IX join us in this act of terrorism seems to be the perfect fit. It’s time to rise and grind!”

Track listing:
01. Razorblade Express (featuring Mike IX Williams)
02. Messiah Whore
03. Holes In The Wall
04. 3rd Space Guerrilla Generator (featuring Mike IX Williams)
05. Rat Factory
06. Slaughter Intelligence

This release is also available in limited edition green vinyl with 150 copy pressing.
Black vinyl with 350 pressings.
500 total, means get one FAST!!!

It is available from
The record is also available from Bandcamp, as well as iTunes, etc. Vinyl only, but it does include an mp3 download.


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