Friday, March 2, 2012

Ghost - Opus Eponymous

iTunes (the computer program) doesn't lie.

Opus Eponymous is my most-played metal album of the last year-- according to its coldly-calculating statistics.

I even bought a ticket to see them play in October 1, 2011-- only for them to drop off the tour.

I even play this fucker when I'm doing dishes-- because I love the tunes that much.

Instrumental "Deus Culpa" opens the proceedings, in clearly-liturgical-fashion, followed closely by "Con Clavi con Dio," which, in its lyrical-literacy (even if it's dying to denounce the Catholic liturgy) is frankly inspiring, and an intellectual antidote to modern pap like Jersey Shore--

I'm obviously an over-intellectual, but still--

what does it say about America when publicly-avowed Devil-worshipers like Ghost are an obvious alternative to the typical American television offerings...?

Track four, "Elizabeth," (Ghost's first single) is also (arguably) the most memorable tune here (while also enunciating the career of Elizabeth Bathory)....

Track six, "Satan Prayer," in all honesty, inspired me and fills me with soul-- because this allegedly-Satantic band went to such literal lengths as to mirror the Catholic/Episcopalian mass-based tune of the Nicene Creed in its lyrical content-- honestly: in an age filled with shit like Nicki Minaj, this attention to detail, Lucifer-espousing as it may be, is truly inspiring to a former English major.

Are Ghost essentially Satanic Blue Öyster Cult worshipers?


But they're still definitely worth hearing-- especially to the metal/rock world, who so seldom get acquainted with "hooks."

I, admittedly, hated on Ghost because of their generic-ness-- but I never dreamed that their musical talent (and Satanic message?) would overcome this.



Dimaension X said...

I also really like this album. Very musical, yet so heavy. The "satanic" lyrics just push the whole thing over the top completely, but they're obviously done as a "tongue-in-cheek" gimmick.

Horn said...

At least, I really hope they're tongue-in-cheek.

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