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The Single Life - Fun, Butch Walker, The Dirty Pearls and General Fiasco

Now normally I’m not a fan of writing reviews about singles, but lately several cool songs have come across my desk. Although the majority of them can be classified as alternative and indie music, there is a cool New York hard rock band worth mentioning. I hope you enjoy my random selection

We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Single, Fun.
Fun - We Are Young

From the moment I first heard “We Are Young” I knew I listened to one of the best songs of 2012. Yes, only a few weeks into the new year I discovered a great song worthy to be considered one of my favorites for 2012. While waiting for my friend outside his place in Hancock Park I listened to KROQ when “We Are Young” by Fun (featuring Janelle Monáe) came on the radio.

Now I’m not normally a big fan of bands like Jack’s Mannequin and Panic! at the Disco, but something stood out to me about Fun. “We Are Young” immediately hooked me from the very first time I heard it with its astounding opening:

Give me a second I,
I need to get my story straight
My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State
My lover she’s waiting for me just across the bar
My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking bout a scar, and
I know I gave it to you months ago
I know you’re trying to forget
But between the drinks and subtle things
The holes in my apologies you know
I’m trying hard to take it back
So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I’ll carry you home

“We Are Young” is a distinct, delightful song, which continues with the creative catchy chorus, “Tonight/We are young/ So let’s set the world on fire/ We can burn brighter than the sun.” Before the song is done I guarantee you will be singing along. Much like their name, Fun is an exhilarating and entertaining band that aims to ignite excitement into every one of their fans’ lives. “We Are Young" is featured on Fun’s upcoming sophomore album Some Nights.

Butch Walker and The Black Widows - Synthesizers

Not only is Butch Walker an acclaimed and prolific producer, but a wonderful singer-songwriter who has delivered another incredible song, “Synthesizers.” Butch Walker and The Black Widows deliver “Synthesizers” a fun, fresh fantastic song off his sixth solo album The Spade. The perfect chemistry of power pop and narrative nostalgia hits its stride in this cool, collective song that remains relaxed and bouncy. Although you can consider “Synthesizers” super radio friendly, it was a pleasure to rediscover the alternative awesomeness that is Butch Walker with this unique, ingenious modern masterpiece.

Memorable melodies, killer beats, and a tremendous talent, Butch Walker delivers the goods once again: “Everybody’s writing songs with synthesizers/ but I don’t have a synthesizer/ I can still get down like/ Duran Duran in 1985/ I didn’t name my band after an animal/ I don’t have any feathers or neon clothe/ but I can stay out all night/ like Sacajawea in a paint fight.”

There’s no way Walker should be able to top this snarky sophisticated song, but somehow he manages to by creating an instant iconic music video. As Walker describes it on his website, “To commemorate the 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the filming and inception of this amazing movie (Dazed and Confused), we brought a little someone from the film back to be the life of the party for our new video for the song ‘Synthesizers.’” This song somehow got even cooler…just saying.

The Dirty Pearls- Static

I love New York. Need I say more? Okay, I’m biased towards the East Coast and will always show my love to bands from Jersey and New York (Yes, I do realize its “New Jersey,” but it will always be Jersey to me). Ever since I was born I have always possessed a New York state of mind thanks to my family, particularly my father. Whether it was sports (New York Yankees and New York Giants), movies (Taxi Driver, Manhattan, etc.) or even music (KISS, the New York Dolls, The Ramones, etc), I have and will always love New York.

Classic rock is back with a vengeance and it comes bearing the name, The Dirty Pearls. Led by frontman Tommy London (Vocals), The Dirty Pearls create a classic, hard edge sound with a new school twist. Joined by guitarists Sunny Climbs and Tommy Mokas, bassist Doug Wright and drummer Marty E, The Dirty Pearls is a high energy, fist pumping, hard rocking badass band every hard rock fan should know.

Loud guitars, delicious drumming and catchy lyrics make their single “Static” a must-hear. If more modern rock bands were like The Dirty Pearls, then rock would have never really disappeared from mainstream audiences. Considering they have supported artists like Andrew WK, Bret Michaels, Jet, KISS, the New York Dolls and Scott Weiland, it’s no surprise why The Dirty Pearls have created a lasting impression. Even Lady Gaga referenced them in her song “Heavy Metal Lover” from her album Born This Way.  The Dirty Pearls raise hell and know the true meaning behind rock n’ roll. 

General Fiasco - Don't You Ever

I need to move to the UK. Once again, Racer has delivered another awesome band my way. Before last week I had never even heard of indie rock and alternative band General Fiasco, an awesome group from Northern Ireland. Their latest single “Don’t You Ever” is an incredible and impressive single released in the first quarter of 2012.

Comprised of brothers Owen (vocals/bass) and Enda Strathern (guitar), Stephen Leacock (drums) and Stuart Bell (guitarist / keyboard player), General Fiasco is certainly a band to watch out for in the near future. If you enjoy bands like Snow Patrol, The Enemy, Kids in Glass Houses, and Futures, then General Fiasco is a band worth discovering.

I really enjoy their lyrics and the chorus is quite catchy, “Don’t you ever/waste your time on me/Your better left alone/ It’s Ordinary…And I don’t want no L-O-V-E/ I can’t see that you have some other plans.” Simple and sweet, just the way I like my music.

--Mr Brownstone

  General fiasco - Don't You Ever by Dirty Hit

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