Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrice - Major Minor

Major / Minor
There are a lot of bands out there who only get one perfect album in their career. Thrice is not one of those bands. Like a fine wine , Thrice seems to get better with age. It seems they get better every album and constantly offering up something musically refreshing. They are not one to stick to the tried and tested formula of writing a “hit” record they just do it…and damn, they do it well. Their latest album, Major Minor is no exception to the rule that every Thrice album is a good one.  Damn it I think it’s absolutely fantastic.

Major Minor starts off with the track, “Yellow Belly”.  It’s a classic yet refreshing Thrice song.  Dirty laden guitars and a steady drum beat incorporate well with Dustin Kensrue’s passionately howled vocals. This song is Major Minor’s darkest, both lyrically and musically.

“You were built for blessing
But you only make them bleed
You don’t care, you don’t care
And bruises are but shadows
Of the blackness that you breed
But you don’t care. You don’t care
Te light that’s left inside their eyes
Is darkened day by day
But you don’t care, you don’t care
Your presume pulls the color
From the world till all is gray
But you don’t care, you don’t care
‘cause you’re less than half a man
Yellow belly, crimson hands
You will one day reap your reckoning
Maybe then you’ll understand
Your hands are made to comfort
But you don’t care, you don’t care
She’s in the closet praying
“Lord, please get me out of here””

“Words In The Water” is by far my favorite song on this album. This is by far the longest track on the album clocking in at 6:07 but also the most beautiful of songs on the album. You don’t even realize how epic of a song this is do to how well done it is.  Melodic yet heavy, it is the perfect Thrice song.

“Standing knee deep in cold water,
Swiftly moving, somehow I knew I’d
Lost something
Wading waist deep I saw a book there
In the river, waiting for me to find it There.
I tried to read it, neck deep, treading Water,
but the tide, it pulled me out to sea
Then, with the water in my eyes,
The words began to rise from their place.
They were beautiful and dread;
I reached for them and fed on each phrase.
They  were honey on my lips,
But then a bitter twist in my side.
I knew they’d lay me in my grave;
“Is there no one who can save me?” I cried
Sinking, down deep through cold water
And heavy silence,
Shadows stirring in the gloom”

Major Minor made my list as one of the best records of 2011. Really though, check out my top 10 albums of 2011, you’ll see Thrice’s album up there with other albums I deemed “the best” but this is just one man’s opinion. The only way to know for yourself is to experience this album for yourself.

Thrice goes good with: Deftones, Thursday, The Receiving End of Sirens,  The Dear hunter, As Cities Burn, Circa Survive, Brand New, Emery, mewithoutyou, Glassjaw, Finch, The Bled


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