Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lapse/Eddie Brock - Split 7”

I got my hands on this split just a few days ago. I am glad I did. Both of these bands come from the Baltimore area and place wickedly fast hardcore. Both of these bands are killer. Killer riffs, the vocals kill and killer fast beats make this under eight minute split awesome….err killer!!

The first half of this slit belongs to the boys in Lapse. They start things off with the track, “Bonehead”. About a minute long, this songs starts off with an intro about aliens and then immediately kicks you in the balls…or lady parts, with such ferocity it feels like they are in your chest. This is one intense minute.

“Fall asleep. Sink subside.
So much to do, such little time.
Work is shit. Still I grind
Fall apart - overtime.”

Flip that son bitch around and it’s Eddie Brock’s time to shine. First of all, let me just say I love Spider-Man and fucking Venom is my favorite character in the series. I love when bands have awesome names.  Anyway the music, it’s as  fucking as awesome as the name. “Pointer Thumb Pinky” starts off their side but I really think the song “Absol” is the song that shines. Brutal, fast and angry. I’m in love.

“Why am I still here because I fear nothing
Negative thoughts plague my mind born
Fucked up life is dry so tell me what your
Life is like when the wall around you burn
And everything you had mixes with the dirt
I do not know what to feel no I do not know
What to say I have never held to faith when
My life is in disarray I know pain I die I’ve
Danced with the devil bit I’ve never seen God
It makes it hard to believe when negativity
Is all you got”

Get on the internet…well stay on the internet and point your mouse to the link below and get this split. Support independent and DIY bands. It’s $4, no excuses!!!

Lapse and Eddie Brock go good with: Infest, ACxDC, Crossed Out, Torn Off, Weekend Nachos, Wicans, Retox, Full Of Hell, Mind Eraser


Buy this Split here:

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