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Nick 13 – Nick 13

This week was good show week, in town beginning on Friday we had Hank 3, City and Colour, Bright Eyes and Nick 13 with Brett Detar. I must say it was an fantastic week of shows. I'd like to say I saw them all but alas I really have no extra money this week, so I opted for the Nick 13 and Brett Detar show.
Let me just say, I am happy with my decision. Nick 13 and Brett Detar rocked my country/folk socks right off. At the show I picked up both the new Nick 13 album as well as the Brett Detar release. Both of which I will be signing the praises of in review form. Here is my review for Nick 13's self titled debut.

* * *

I am writing this review one day removed for seeing the Tiger Army crooner Nick 13 live in Dallas. For the last four years he has been hard at work on a solo album. For people who listen to Tiger Army it is very reminiscent of "Outlaw Heart" from Tiger Army's first, self-titled album. I've always love Nick 13's voice and have been (in)patiently awaiting to hear something new.  Finally this album has released and man is it awesome.

The first stand out track on this album is the song "Carry My Body Down". I love songs I can identify with. Nick 13 writes in a very cryptic way. His song can mean something different to almost anyone that listens. Two people may not make the same conclusion to what he is writing about. He is really the the only one who knows exactly what it is about. To me this song is about reflecting on the past and what happens when you die. Musically this song has an old country feel and sound(not that new bullshit country i.e Taylor Swift that people seem to like).

"How long can this journey go on? Will I find the place I'm meant to go?
Will dreams fall down around us, just like the weathered stone?
Another year has come and gone. Will my coat hold for one year more?
I think of how far I have come, and what's been left behind.

When will they carry my body down? When will they carry my body down?
Will they take it from the river after I've jumped right in and drowned?
Will they find it on the battlefield, on the spot I stood my ground?

I walk alone, I walk apart. Someday, I'll wander no more.
I search to find what I have lost and that which I've never known.
And when I find that I have gone across that river I know,
I'll take only my memories, and things that might have been.

When will they carry my body down? When will they carry my body down?
Will they cut it from a hangman's noose after the sentence has come down?
Will anyone be there to morn a villain's passing to the ground?

When will they carry my body down? When will they carry my body down?

When will they carry my body down?"

The fourth track on the album, "All Alone" is another one of my favorites. Nick 13's croons are accompanied by the backing vocal of "all alone" by his backing band through out  the song. It adds a little something to a great song. The steel guitar and awesome stand up bass are prominent in this song to. Overall, it's a great song and written very well. This is another one of those track I identify with. The lyric "oh where o where is my little girl, It's too much for me I gotta move along, It's too much for me I cannot stay I'm gone....All Alone in this world" really sums it up.

Also on this record, Nick 13 reminds us where he started. He does two "re-envisioned" Tiger Army songs. "In The Orchard" and "Cupids Victim". Both songs are great and do the original Tiger Army tracks more than justice. On "In The Orchard" Nick 13 slows things down and adds a bit of piano and we get a nice honkytonk version of "Cupids Victim".

You know I always find it funny when people say they like all music....except for country. To those people who say that, I think they just haven't heard the right kind of country. Stop listening to the radio and open your ears to the underground. Nick 13 gives us an amazing Americana/Country/Rock album. It is sure to be a favorite for psychobilly, punk and country fans alike. Good music makes everyone happy and this album sure does make me happy....and I'm usually known for being angry...ask anyone who knows me.

Nick 13 goes good with: Tiger Army, Old 97s, City and Colour, Brett Detar, Hank 3 (1 and 2), Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson


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