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Crosses ††† - Crosses (EP †)

Crosses (also stylized as †††) is the brainchild of Chino Moreno (Deftones), Shaun Lopez (Far) and Scott Chuck. They bring us their deput EP entitled, Crosses (also known as EP †). Let me be the first to tell you, this EP is fucking amazing. It is very reminiscent of a Depeche Mode album. It is a very soothing, roll your windows down on a Sunday drive kinda album. Consequently it could also be used as the backing track for some love making, just be sure to put it on repeat.

The dark almost menacing track "†his is a †rick" starts things off. Droning synths mixed with Chino Moreno's crooning vocal make this dark song amazing. When the courus hits with that classic Chino"cougar scream" I have always love, it catches you off guard but in a good way. It's unexpected but fits so will with the dark lyrics.

"Something's changed in your face I notice
A different sparkle in those crazy eyes
Your unmistakable shirade, I know it always tricks me every time
A million tears, a trillion times.
I see that glaze and glint in your eyes

This is a trick (Hello, Hello, I know)
What this really is (Hello, hello, hello)"

In the 2nd track, "Op†ion" you can really here this collection of amazing musicians working as a whole. You can almost hear the pain in Chino's voice. The musical accompaniment of fuzzy synths and a down tempo drum beat make this a head nodder. To me this song is about love lost and a marriage promise broken, you be the judge.

"I dreamed the day that God will surface to retrieve his nails and open your heart
You'll say goodnight for the ages

Just open your heart and say, "I sear on the cross."
Can you promise this to the grave?
You'll take my name, can you promise me?
Over seas and over mountains
A thousand years I've waited for her to take the lies, from this day forward"

"Bermuda Locke†", the third track on this five track EP is by far my favorite. I'm a lyrics kinda guy. Being a songwriter and a "writer" haha, I love lyric sheets. I have a problem, I over analyze them. I wonder if from reading them if the writer of these lyrics goes into the same mental place I go when I read them This song hits close to home.

"I've gotta tell you something, I wanna view your dreams
I wanna pull out your crazy, pour it over me
I might take you somewhere far across the seas
As you enter into my curse, our dreams reverse and the demons burst
So I wait, anticipate to meet you tonight
Call this when I will bring your dreams to life
I wanna move you somewhere close to ecstasy I might tell you things, some which you won't believe"

The last proper song on this EP is the track, "†heholyghos†". Instantly I would call this song sexy. Both in lyrical content and in the way this track plays out. This song is about as close to a Deftones song as you're gonna get. It reminds me a bit of "Pink Maggit" or "Teenager", two of my favorite songs off White Pony.

"Here, on the stainless table
I come inside you and haunt your dreams
Baby I don't mind, you can fake it
But I don't mind
Come away with me

Protect your bible between your knees
Baby I won't mind, let me play with it
I don't mind
Run away with me"

Crosses (EP †) is the first in a series of EP set to be released by Crosses (†††). Crosses (†††) has spent many hours in the studio and have said to of recorded about 16 total track. I myself can not wait. For those who miss Chino's other side project Team Sleep, this is a great EP to keep you occupied. Personally, I'm am anticipating more Crosses (†††) records than Team Sleep. To me anything Chino touches is gold. Crosses (EP †)  can be attained  in a low-quality digital download format for free or higher-quality file type available for $5. There is no excuse not to get this album.

Crosses († ††) goes good with: Depeche Mode, Team Slepp, Deftones, Far, The Cure, The Faint, The Mars Volta, The Smiths


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