Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spiderlord - S/T EP

I'm not religious but recently I've been worshiping the 'lord. Well, Spiderlord anyway.

Rejoice all ye people. For, lo, this band knoweth the way of hard rock and delivereth unto us righteous free music. Hallelujah!

Spiderlord is a 5-track EP available for free download right now on Bandcamp.  Racer sent me a link but i let him know pretty quick that i already had it. I'd already been listening for at least a couple weeks. Listening over and over. You will too once you get your free copy.

New York area rockers Spiderlord have all i need: the fuzz Racer knows i like so much, a healthy side of southern foot-stompin' groove, a dab o' sludge, and it's all topped off with clear vocal stylings. It's just tasty straight-up no-frills rock.

Several songs include some really memorable lyrics for me too. Those from "The Collector" are still stuck in my head. 'A 44 magnum..wherever I roam..'  I feel ya. 'Now I'm across the border..with 10 tons of snow..' Nice. I stole a a verse from the second track, "Qualify", and used it as a Facebook status i liked it so much. First time i've ever done that. 'Make it last like the Beatles and Stones' is a classic line and i'm sure i'll be saying it again.

"Solutions" could be my favorite song riffage-wise and it's the longest on Spiderlord at 4:21, but I would've ended the song a second earlier to make it an even 4:20. Right? Another couple of hard-hitters, "Different Speed" and "The Rolling Song", close out the album.

The 'lord giveth and then they taketh away. When I downloaded the Spiderlord EP it had probably my favorite artwork ever on my Ipod. A smokin' hot, fully-nude 'Devil Girl' sits Indian-style in front of you. With long black hair and her cute little horns, the succubus invites you to join her. Now the cover has changed for some reason. Oh why 'lord? Devil girl was genius. Any average guy like me was gonna hit play on the link just by looking at that artwork. I saw mention on Spiderlord's Facebook page of a similar cover by another band. As I'm writing, the Spiderlord EP  cover is now some giant mechanical spider hovering above earth. Whatever. It's not what's important. I still love the music.

And I feel blessed. Spiderlord (Lee Diamond-vox/guitar, Chris Bonet-guitar, Mike Zinn-bass and Gabe DeStellano-drums) also offer a new single - "Ungrounded" for free download on Bandcamp. It's over 9 minutes long and rocks as hard - if not harder - than anything on Spiderlord.

Praise the 'lord. Spiderlord. Bow down.



Anonymous said...

This band owns. Great EP.

Anonymous said...

This band is SICK.

Anonymous said...

awesome video. i hope they play europe soon.

Anonymous said...

drummers lame.

Anonymous said...

The drummer does suck, but the rest of the band is pretty awesome!

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