Sunday, September 11, 2011

Retox – Ugly Animals

 Ugly Animals

Earlier this year I told you about a band called Retox and a man named Justin Pearson. In that review of their selftitled e.p., I mentioned how bad ass they are and how you needed to pick up the e.p. and bask in pure powerviolence bliss. Then I told you how Retox was soon to be releasing a new album. Guess what kids, it's out and boy howdy, does it fucking rock!!

Retox's new album is called Ugly Animals. Ugly is an understatement as these eleven tracks are fucking filthy. In a good way of course. Not like dirty whore on the side of the road filthy. More like Fight Club filthy. Violent, bloody and full of heart. Something I think is lacking in the hardcore scene. Just as you would expect from the boys in Retox, Ugly Animals clocks in at under 15 minutes which of course makes you yearn for more.

I have always been a fan of Justin Pearson's lyrical content. Here are some of my personal standouts.

"The World Is Ending and It's About Time"

"In dog years we are so dead and we smell just like jail. In dog years we are so dead and sing of misanthropy. We have no problems singing songs that are not nice at all. This is why we bite when beat, why we sing our bite to a beat! No need to shit and wish because we already know bite makes right."

"Boredom is Counter-Revolutionary"

"All my life I've acted very wrong and it worked out very well, almost too well. I sparkled like a diamond stuck in a goat's ass. Those who are bored are boring. So I act very wrong. I hear others sing mute to the normal blues. Oh yeah, they sure do sing. So I act very wrong."

"Ten Pounds of Shit In a Five Pound Bag"

"He translated the truth and he tossed around his jock but tripped over my cock. That's my story, I'm sticking to it. Eventually he threw his house out the window an never knew what he was doing until done. The man made cheese more binding. So thanks but no thanks."

In my opinion Retox seems to follow a few simple rules:

    Be fast as fuck and chaotic.

    Write songs that invoke feeling.

    Be pissed off.

    Don't stop, ever!

Get this powerviolent masterpiece here:

Retox goes good with: Attractive and Popular, Melt Banana, Cattle Decapitation, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, The Locust, Andrew WK, Head Wound City, Swing Kids, any Justin Pearson project (just Wikipedia him and listen to everything he has been a part of)


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