Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cicatriz' Six Pack – September - featuring Obi Wan Kanblo Mi, Chris Benoit, Deathrats, and Raging Boner

Hello Waveriders!! Beginning this month I will be trying something a little different. Recently, I have spent my fair amount of time discovering new FREE music on . I feel the need to tell the world about some of the awesome lesser known bands from around the world. I will be doing six bands each month. This new monthly writeup will be entitled "Cicatriz' Six Pack", enjoy.

Ahh September. Normally this would be that time of year where it becomes a little less hot outside but no, I live in Texas. Let me tell you, it's still hot as fuck outside. Tell me why it's 9pm and still 100 degrees outside? Why damn it, why!?!?!? Enough about the weather let's crack this Six Pack open.
This months first band is called Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi with there e.p: EPisode V: The Empire Smokes Crack. Tell me that's not an awesome name for a band. Go on, oh you can't...didn't think so.
Obi-wan Kanblo Mi is a ska-punk band with thrash tendencies based out of Springfield, Illinois. These guys are awesome. My two favorite tracks on this album are "Razor's Dead Crew" and "Sock Hop Mosh". On "Razor's Dead Crew" you can really here the thrash influence from the double bass in the drums. "Sock Hop Mosh" has the feel that you are at a punk rock sock hop. This song sounds like how a proper ska sound should sound. Hooky lyrics and an awesome horn section. Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi lyrically are really positive. Lot's of anti-hate, anti-racist, anti-gay lyrics, which I think is awesome. In a time where everyone is focused on hating people these guys go the other way with it.

Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi goes good with: The Specials, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Fishbone, Reel Big Fish, Mariachi El Bronx, The Bouncing Souls

Our next band is Chris Benoit with their demo: Alienation. I'm a wrestling fan, ok stop laughing. If you know who Chris Benoit was then you know why this band's name caught my attention. For those of you who don't know who he is, look it up. These dudes are based out of Holland play some super fast brutal hardcore. It's violent sounding and great. Makes me want to commit murder....

Chris Benoit goes good with: Weekend Nachos, Retox, Harm's Way, Assuck, Charles Bronson, His Hero Is Gone, Nasum

Next up are D.C natives, Deathrats with their self titled 7 inch. Man, I fucking love this band. They are a female fronted hardcore crust band. They totally remind me of the band Nausea. I love it when a female singer grabs my attention. My two favorite songs on this are "Girl Style" and "Fuck It".Both songs blow by in under two minutes. really good hardcore if you ask me.

Deathrats goes good with; Retox, Nausea, Amebix, Regan Youth, Choking Victim, Discharge, Man Is The Bastard, His Hero Is Gone

Normally I would write about six different bands but with this month being the inaugural Cicatriz' Six Pack I'm giving the last three to the boys in Raging Boner. The guys are from my hometown city of Fort Worth, Texas and just recently won the award for Best "Hardcore" band in the 2011 Fort Worth Weekly Awards. Congrats dudes!
First up from Raging Boner is the five song e.p All Boner All The Time. This alum clocks in at just under ten minutes. They play a really fast crust punk hardcore hybrid. My two favorite tracks are: "Dawg Tired" and "We're Fucked".

Next up is the two song Vultures of Death e.p. Two songs, under two minutes. Brutal, hardcore, get it! This one is really catchy. It's a shame it's only two songs.

Finally, we come to our last album in this months Six Pack: Nation Is Shit. By now you get it. Raging Boner is fast and brutal. Most songs clocking in at under a minute. This five song e.p is much of the same. My two favorite tracks are: "Raging BO" and "Redneck Mentality".

Raging Boner goes good with: D.R.I., Black Flag, Bad Brains, Negative Approach, Aus Rotten

Pick up these albums!! Did I mention they are free? You have no choice but to get 'em!


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