Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Nachos - Worthless

“Oh my God, this is fast as fuck!!”, these are the words are screamed the first time a caught a listen to Weekend Nachos new album, Worthless. Hailing from Dekalb, IL, Weekend Nachos aims to be the light at the end of my dimly lit hardcore tunnel.

Leading off Worthless is the heavy guitar laden, breakdown consumed track “Hometown Hero."  An in your face, punch your grandma in the kisser, power violence ferocious track…done in about a minute flat. “Obituary”, the second track is much of the same.  Power violence at it’s finest.

Another stand out track on the album is, the title track “Worthless”. An instrumental track that starts off with lots of pa feedback that leads into doom style guitar riffs at about the 2 minute mark. “Worthless” is used as a lead in to the track “Friendship”. Which is 35 seconds of pure violent bliss.

Power Violence is a funny genre. Funny that, you either despise it or you love it. It’s not for the weak at heart and neither is Weekend Nachos. They are a high-intensity in your face band. If you are into fast music in the vei of Tragedy, Behind Enemy Lines, Infest, Mind Eraser or The Locust then Weekend Nachos’ Worthless is right up your ally.


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