Sunday, April 24, 2011

Come Join The Ripple Effect Facebook Page - Your Source for Tons of Excellent Free Music!

Yeah, yeah, we know.  Although we've had a Ripple Music Facebook page going for some time with some 1300 friends joining us, it took us a while to get around to launching a true Ripple Effect FB page.

But the wait is over.

Best of all, we're making a conscious effort not to make the FB page a carbon copy of The Ripple.  Occasionally, we  may cross-promote some really cool news, or tour dates, or reviews, but for the most part we're planning on making the Ripple FB page a real companion to The Ripple Effect.

And primarily, that means your source for some truly excellent free music!  Yep, we're gonna use that forum as our place to upload all the links that come in to some great free albums, singles, compilations . . . whatever.  As long as it's good music, it's free, and it's legal, we'll get it up on the Ripple FB.

So far, we've already posted links to the killer Tsurumi Records free compilation, the latest awesome set from Exploding in Sound, Stoner rock nirvana from the Soda Shop, a Canadian Death Metal compilation and a single from the brand new band, Bowery Beasts.  All free.

So pop on over to Ripple FB.  Friend us.  Tell all your friends (please) and just wait to see what's the next free album we giveaway.

And, as always, drop off your thoughts, comments, suggestions.  We really do listen to our waveriders and want to make this community as fun as possible.


The Ripple Effect Gang.

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