Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caddy - Electric Hero

Sometimes things are better if you do them yourself.  That is exactly what Norway’s Tomas Dahl appears to believe with his one man power pop band release “Electric Hero.”  

Dahl calls his solo band endeavor “Caddy.”  It is an apt name.  A caddy in golf is one who carries a player's bag and clubs and gives advice.  On this release Dahl carries all the instruments and vocals. He is the “Caddy” and the player.  Before inventing Caddy Dahl was a member of  two noted power pop bands - The Yum Yums and Wonderfools. After listening to “Electric Hero” I could not help but speculate that the album came about because Dahl couldn’t get those bands to play his music exactly how he wanted it to be played.  Caddy is Dahl’s opportunity to “have it his way” and he delivers it with relish.

Although he calls Caddy’s music “Paul Stanley and Bryan Adams writing songs together . . . in Brian Wilson’s house” that is not what I hear.  Rather, my aural palette tells me the sound is Blue Oyster Cult meets Fountains Of Wayne at a party thrown by The Black Keys.  When I realized Dahl wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, produced the album, and sang every note, I was flabbergasted. He is truly a musical army of one.

What you get with “Electric Hero” is an amazing array of catchy lyrics, blazing multi-layers of guitars, blistering drums, perfect harmonies and vocals with true grit.  The melodies are infectious.  From “Hanging On To Nothing” through “Long Way Home”  Dahl takes the listener on an accessible and astonishing power pop journey.  Just when you think the music is  becoming too sugary sweet Dahl changes it up and crush rolls you into submission.

This is not a concept album.  Each of the fourteen tracks stands on its own and each could have easily been released, and been successful, as a single.  These days Norwegian bands are generally known for “black metal” music, but none is found on “Electric Hero.” Instead, you get some of the best power pop of the past decade.  The slogan of Norway may be “Norway, Powered by Nature.” However, after you listen to “Electric Hero,” you might suggest that it be changed to “Norway, Powered by Dahl,  a force of Nature.”

- Old School 

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Penfold said...

Wow! That certainly doesn't sound like a one man band. Very impressive!

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