Thursday, September 16, 2010

Josiah - Procession

UK mid tempo heavy rockers Josiah broke up after almost 10 years of service to the boogie rock community and Procession is their swan song release. Comprised of 5 studio and 5 live songs recorded between 2006 and 2008, this is sort of like their version of ZZ Top’s Fandango album. If there were no credits on this album, I would swear that this was another one of the vintage 1972 proto metal bands that I love so much.

Josiah has a strong Black Sabbath influence but combine it with a speedy Motorhead attack which separates them from the run of the mill stoner rock. “Broken Doll” brings to mind Bomber-era Motorhead and Sir Lord Baltimore at the same time. “Dying Day” swipes Rush’s “Working Man” riff. If you told me this song or “Procession” were unreleased outtakes from Buffalo’s Volcanic Rock sessions I’d believe you.

The live songs were captured hot n nasty on tour in Sweden, but where’s the crowd noise? The songs kick ass but could benefit from an insane crowd cheering them on. “Looking At The Mountain” sounds like Mountain at their heaviest. “Time To Kill” is a frenzied rewrite of Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Hard Rain Fallin” that really smokes. “Silas Brainchild” has plenty of cowbell and wah wah to thrill fans of Dust and Hard Stuff. “Malpaso” is a James Gang groover and “I Can’t Seem To Find It” has a great Captain Beyond feel to it with some nice Stooges guitar freakage.

If you’re into belligerent, loud power trio rock chances are you already love these guys. Too bad I got to the party too late, but Procession is a great gateway drug album that’s gonna make me check out the older albums and guitarist Mat Bethancourt’s new bands Cherry Choke and The Kings Of Frog Island.


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