Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ancestors - Of Sound Mind

Who ever said that metal couldn't soothe the soul? Bringing you to a higher plane of existence and bridging the gap between the body, the senses and the sounds that affect them. The art of Drone: A deep and continuous sound of unmoved pitch accompanied by a melody. The art of the patient, robust and meticulous Ancestors. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, with the exception of Englishman, Chico Foley. Ancestors has been sustaining the world of progressive/psychedelic rock/metal since their debut album Neptune on Fire (2006, Tee Pee Records). Ancestor's sophomore release, Of Sound Mind, (2010, Tee Pee Records) showcases the band's natural and maturing sound and demonstrates the creative capabilities of a band well worth noting.

Ancestors, Of Sound Mind, is a seventy-one minute and twenty-seven second journey into the deep and dark chasms of the psyche. Bringing you a little closer to yourself. From the very first tones of the very first track, “The Ambrose Law” you can definitely hear the Black Sabbath influence. The classic and moving distorted melody of the guitar, accompanied by the tremolo of the organ, and the intermittent snare, really brings you back to the day; for those of us who can't remember that far back, a definite feel for the times. Then, like a welcomed beating from a nun, at approximately seven minutes and thirty six seconds, we are briefly thrown from a emotionally moving world to the doom and agony that encompasses it, then bitter sweetly brought back into the world of the moving emotion.

Its almost uncanny, their ability to drag you from one musical direction to another. The second track, “Challenging,” is a beautiful and thought provoking instrumental piece, featuring a concert piano, showcasing the classical training that is apparent throughout the whole album. The track, “The Trail,” is an epic seventeen minute long song; from the very beginning hooking you with the hypnotic capabilities of the ambient guitar, throwing you face first into a groove latent rhythm, then topping you off with Kirk Windstein(Crowbar, Down, Kingdom of Sorrow) influenced vocals. The Track, “Bounty of Age,” begins with a Pink Floyd rhythm, a tempo increase in the middle leads the way for a moving blues guitar, with a pummeling doom influenced ending. The Track, “Mother Animal,” has to be my favorite on the album, it really gives us a sense of what progressive rock is suppose to be like, a blues/jazz influenced harmony with an smooth ambient body.

The album structure is very simple, four very long tracks intermingled with 3 very short ones. Honestly, I could have done without some of the shorter tracks like, “Friend” and “From Nothing.” Which really seemed like unnecessary filler to me.

Other than the little bit of filler this album will lead the way for other drone influenced, organ playing metal heads to follow their passions and dreams. This album is also the perfect accompaniment to a day sitting on the couch relaxing, pondering, reading or writing. Ancestors are breaking boundaries and moving minds. Support the musicians that you appreciate and look up to. Buy the album if you have the means to and spread the word.

This album comes in two formats, CD and Double LP(2XLP). There is no bonus material associated with this album. Art work by Derek Albeck.

Ancestors and The Fucking Wrath will be on a west coast tour starting late October, here are the tour dates:

10/20/2010, Zahn Zillas, Ventura, CA
10/21/2010, Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA
10/22/2010, East End, Portland, OR
10/23/2010, Comet Tavern, Seattle, WA
10/25/2010, Jambalaya, Arcata, CA
10/26/2010, Nick’s Night Club, Chico, CA
10/27/2010, Jose’s Mexican Bar & Grill, Monterey, CA


Buy here: Of Sound Mind 


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