Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ripple News - Paul Collins of the Beat and John Wicks of The Records New Project

Now, all waveriders know how we feel about Paul Collins. The Beat is quite simply one of the best powerpop bands of all time, and that says nothing of his time with The Nerves. And most waveriders are also likely familiar with the music of John Wicks of The Records.

But what you may not know is that recently John and Paul have teamed up to bring their music to their fans in a different format. They'll be playing a variety of songs - old and new - from their respective repertoire's, some as a duo and some solo. John and Paul are both having a blast working together and plans are in the works for a JW/PC disc.

You can learn more about the glorious details at their new website:

There you'll find all the important information, including High Def video of their first ever performance together in Pittsburgh PA earlier this year.

The fall west coast kick-off show at McCabe’s in Santa Monica CA on August 23rd. Tickets are available at the McCabe’s website at Following the Mccabe's show, John will be joining Paul onstage for a few of the Beat west coast shows and then they will cap things off with a short tour of Spain.

And finally, John and Paul did living room shows this past summer and the news is that things went wonderfully, so well in fact that the guys would like to continue doing more. If anyone would like any information on having John and Paul perform at their home, email Rich Rossi, for more info at

John and Paul in your own living room! How can you possibly beat that!

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